Playing on Multiplayer Minecraft Servers

Minecraft allows you to play either single or multiplayer, and if you want to play a multiplayer game, then are two options for this. You can either connect to a multiplayer server by using the IP address or you can have other computers on your LAN or home connected to a network. Remember though that the player’s version of the game should also be the same with the server version. If in case your version is different, you must switch your client to the appropriate version. You can do this by choosing a new profile from the game’s launcher and then you choose the game version that matches the server’s.



You need to select the host computer. Take note that it should be able to run Minecraft while acting as a host to others at the same time. The host can create or select a new world and must press the escape key once he is in that world. This world should be opened to LAN. Once set, you will get a notice that a LAN game has been started.


You can either connect to the server of another person or you can choose to download server.exe from the official Minecraft website. When connecting to other servers, you need to log in to the game and choose multiplayer and then type in the server name and address. You can search through a detailed list of Minecraft servers so you can pick one that you like. You can click done if you are finished and select that server from your server list to connect to it.

Some important points about game cheat


In this age of internet and smart phone there are thousands of online applications related to mobile games coming up in the market. There are wide varieties of games available online that can enhance your experience. There are quite a few games available that are known to grab the attention of millions around the globe; subway surfer is one such game. The game is designed for all mobile platforms and is played by all gaming enthusiast quite often. Very few will be found unaware about subway surfers game, this game comes with amazing features and specialties.

Seeing the popularity of this game there are some unique subway surfers cheats or codes available that enhances your gaming experience. The main purpose of using gaming cheat is to evade all complexities and finish every level without facing any hurdle. Most often you may feel annoyed when you are unable to overcome any hurdle or tough situation. But with the best of gaming cheats you can easily come across all such hurdles and complete the level within few minutes. There are some amazing results associated with this gaming cheat; it will give you complete new experience.

There are some wide range of game cheats available for subway surfers, use the one that serves your purpose. Using any such game cheats, you can avoid any attack or obstacle at ease. Game cheats are basically particular codes that make the best use of some loopholes in the gaming code. The best of gaming cheat will prove effective and help in completing levels at fast and easy. If you are taking wide interest in subway surfer make sure you use some of the best and most effective game cheats that will enhance your gaming experience. Download and play Subway surfers with the best of game cheats.

Try something different with Trivia Crack game

tcrackIn this age of smartphones there are some wide and extensive range of mobile games coming up in the market that are best known for its unique features and specialties. Trivia Crack is one popular mobile game that will instantly grab your attention with its unique gaming concept and feature. The developers came up with something interesting and unique with this game that proves worth enough for all mobile game lovers. It comes with whole lot of features that can keep you busy for hours. There are some limited times offered to answer every question making this game quite interesting.

There are some suitable trivia crack cheats available that proves to be an innovative way to play the game at ease. The cheats helps you jump of some levels or hurdles at your own convenience. The cheats also prove effective in answering some of the tough questions that comes your way, what’s more can you ask for. This proves quite suitable when you are challenging some of your friends or closed ones over this platform. Developers ensured that every player gets the best ever experience with this unique mobile game. The feature and specialty of this game will keep attracting you all the time during free times.

What’s more exciting about this game is that it adds to your knowledge and helps you learn lots of new facts and features on various fields. Over the past few years gaming world took to all new height and now you can find some wide and extensive range of features that makes online game quite an unique one for people of every age. With smartphones around you can access every game at your ease. Trivia Crack got appreciation from all mobile platforms and across numerous users due to its simple and easy gaming features. Try out once you will definitely feel the excitement.

Get a Hungry Shark Evolution hack


Did you ever experience an adrenaline surge of your mind going several thousand miles an hour? Regardless of the answer to the question, it becomes pivotal to experience a fantastic mental shift that sets the rhythm and sonata to leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself. When it comes to dispelling any existing clouds of gloom and fine-tuning the gaming rhythm, nothing can beat Hungry shark evolution game. It is an action packed 3D game that challenges you to make more of an effort. The vagaries of this free online video game are bound to leave passionate enthusiasts and gamers in a state of awe.

Armed with control and acumen, many gamers try their best to shake off any existing complacency. They play with supreme verve and vigor to complete the objectives of Hungry shark evolution game. Despite their best endeavors, not many rise above the mundane and emerge with credit. Some perish in the very initial stages while a few others lose their patience and do away with the game. To all intents and purposes, gamers have to work hard for finishing the game in style. They have to collect resources, gold, gems and diamonds. Resources are not going to be offered on a silver platter. Finishing all the 45 objectives requires a massive deal of energy, confidence and a wee bit of luck.

By visiting a Hungry shark evolution hack tool online, gamers are all set to capture the flag and sing the victory song. Resources can be collected with ease. In addition, gold, gems and diamonds can be amassed. The performance of hungry shark evolution hack tool is determined the number of mobiles present in a given mobile network. Mobiles serve the purpose of bots and enlighten the experience of gamers. Resources have to be shared among the gamers resent within a mobile network. Well, rather than leaving things to chance, it is better to rely on tools such as a Hungry shark evolution hack.

Why Minecraft is Free to Play

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.27.57 PMMost games that we play will tell you what to do, where to go, who you are as well as the rules to follow, while we believe that we are in control of the game, most of the time we are not, or sometimes limited to what we really want. However, have you actually wondered how this game became so popular without any traditional marketing? It’s because Minecraft for free is widely searched for and even Markus “Notch” Persson hinted that players should pirate the game, granted they can’t afford it.

The gameplay Minecraft offers is just limitless, and you can play Minecraft free on your browser. It is so huge that you start as if you live in a primitive world and before you knew it you are building castles, waterfalls, houses and so much more. While it’s always best to start a small shelter when you start the game on a survival mode, this small house would get bigger in no time and you could even make your own furniture that no one has ever done.

There was also a time when farming games became so addicting to a lot of people that almost everybody wakes up in the middle of their sleep to check on their crops. Well, Minecraft lets you experience the same thing, farming. You need to eat to maintain your health bar full so you can continue building your own world. Not only you can pick up fruits and mushrooms as you go around the forest, you also have the chance to plant crops. Whenever you cut the grass it would normally give you seeds that you can plant later on which gives you energy to avoid hunger.

Farming would never be complete with animals to tend to; this is why you also have cows that produces milk, chickens that lay eggs and sheep in order to make your bed out of their wool.  Minecraft is like living like the ancient time when you have to work for everything in order for you to survive, and this is what makes the game interesting and fun to explore.

Extreme Drag Racing With Racing Rivals

Most handheld devices these days are capable of things that a computer can do. One of these things is playing games. The App Store of Apple is filled with app games from various genre. Racing is no exception. Under the tag racing you will find various types of games, too. Drag racing seems to have gotten really popular recently. This is in due to the popular game Racing Rivals. At first, this game has gotten a lot of skepticism, but most of it were unwarranted. Makers Nitto Tire and Cie Games has given the world a kind of game that is both enjoying and visually appealing. Its multiplayer option is the most talked about with this game, because it allows players to surge ahead in the game as they like it. If you want to really be the best at Racing Rivals you should think about trying Racing Rivals cheats to improve your game.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.52.42 PM

The concept of the game is easy to understand in a general sense, but the game racing rivals presents a kind of challenge you may have never met before. This is particularly true when you reach the second match of the campaign. Players begin by taking off in one of the 3 starter vehicles that are presented in the showroom. This is followed by going to the drag strip to either play on multiplayer mode or campaign. The game provides players three buttons as a way to control the game. There is the ‘launch’, accelerator and shift buttons. This is no emulation of the real car. You can drive as fast as you want without steering it.

The setup of this game may sound really simple at first, but as you venture further into the game, you will realize that the creators have captured a balanced complexity level that is needed to keep this Apple game very satisfying. The success of this app is through its delicate handling of the accelerator as you speed off in race when the light leads up to green.

Move Through Criminal Case Faster with Cheats

Criminal Case is a Facebook game developed by Pretty Simple Games. In this game you play a police officer whose objective is to solve a group of cases that are mostly of a violent nature. As you progress through the game, the more cases you solve, the more difficult the game gets. In each crime scene you receive a list of objects that you must find to help solve the case.

In Criminal Case you must locate all the objects as quickly as you can, to get the Stars, which are the most valuable objects in the game. The good news is that you can keep playing a scene until you’ve located all the stars in it. Keep in mind that you need Stars in order to progress through the game. The reason is that you have other tasks that you must be complete, which having criminal case cheats can help with. These include talking to defendants, evaluating hints, and performing autopsies.

Another important component of the game is Energy. In particular you can’t play the game forever. That’s because the Energy in the game has been limited. If you spend cash to purchase extra energy you’ll be able to extend your game play.

After you’ve collected all the crucial hints you need and have talked to the potential defendants, you can arrest the correct suspect, and then the case will be solved. You can start on the next case. It’s critical that you returned to old cases so you can keep racking up Stars. That will give you the chance to proceed to more difficult cases. Keep in mind that you’ll need to solve the case alone. However, you’ll have virtual partners who can give you free energy on a daily basis. They can also send you cards that you can transform to experience or extra Energy. Learn more about criminal case cheats here.

Crossy Road – A Fun And Exciting Game For You

Crossy Road is a game that you can play on your mobiles. It was released back in 2014 and it was originally developed by the company Hipster Whale. Its developers were Ben Weatherall, Matt Hall, and Andy Sum. So basically, the concept of the game is to get as far away as possible from rivers, roads, train tracks, and grass, without your character dying. Your character can either be a koala, bunny, a chicken or 78 other unlockable characters. In order to navigate the game, you have to tap your screen to go forward, or swipe the screen horizontally to go left or right.


However, in order to stay alive you must avoid any obstacles that come your way. Obstacles may come in the form of trains, rivers, or cars and they can cause your character an immediate death. So how do you pass these obstacles? Well, you have to only advance when the path is totally clear or you can use different platforms to cross the rivers. This is actually quite a challenging game and due to that, there are some people who end up using crossy road cheats. Also, in order to collect more points or coins to unlock new characters, some people also use the different crossy road hack tools available online.


Aside from avoiding obstacles and crossing rivers successfully, you also have to watch out for the eagles. These eagles will pass by and they will snatch your character away. This usually happens when you stay put in the same place for more than five seconds or if you ever move back three steps. Remember, when you get caught by the eagle, your character will end up dying and it will be game over for you. Scoring for this game goes like this: for every square unit that you move forward, you will earn a point. And for every 50 points that you earn, you will be hearing a unique sound effect to signify it. The more units that you move, the more points you earn. Coins can also be collected all throughout the game environment.  Remember all these and enjoy the game!

Is SimCity BuildIt Worthy of the SimCity Name?

SimCity BuildIt is the newest SimCity game, and is available for iOS and Android. On the iTunes app store it received a four-star review rating. However, a closer examination of the game itself reveals that all is not well in the newest installment. In all fairness, the game isn’t a complete disaster. It’s a good-looking 3D game that allows you to zone and construct a city. However, SimCity fans probably won’t enjoy the time-based production of resources as the main way of building the city. In the majority of SimCity games, you add some basic structures around the homes, and then those homes improve.


With SimCity BuildIt, there’s some of that there. However, in the new installment the main way you improve the city is by adding resources to them. For example, sometimes you need materials such as nails or steel to construct structures. You have the option to wait five minutes for the nails to be constructed. The bottom line is that steel is needed to make nails. To make them, you’ll need a factory. Then you’ll also need hammers to install the nails. You’ll have to wait 14 minutes for each hammer, if you actually have the supplies or a simcity buildit hack. Real money can always speed up the process.

The game is touted as a free-to-lay mobile game. However, the game has justifiably reserved many negative reviews from diehard SimCity fans. The formula has often been described as wait-build-spend. There are other reviewers who gave the game outstanding reviews, but also advised that players have patience, play a few minutes during each session, and play smartly. All of this will result in a load of fun. Interestingly, some five-star reviews say that you should use cheats so you don’t have to spend money on the game. Paying for a good game shouldn’t be an issue.